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Accident Checklist

1. Call the police if somebody is injured, if a vehicle can’t be moved, or if the accident involved a hit-and-run driver. Your uninsured motorist coverage pays for a hit-and-run accident only if you report the accident to the police.

2. Get the other driver’s information, including name, address, telephone number, license plate number, driver’s license number, and insurance information. Give the other driver the same information about you. If the other driver refuses to give you their information, contact the police immediately.

3. Record the insurance company name and the policy number exactly as shown on the other driver’s proof-of-insurance card. Similar company names can cause confusion, so make sure you write down the correct company name.

4. Get the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of any witnesses to the accident.

5. Notify your insurance company as soon as possible. Your company probably has a 1-800 number to report claims. If not, call your agent. Some agents have authority to settle small claims. Also, give your agent or company the names and addresses of any witnesses and injured persons.

Some Things You Should Know Before Hav­ing Your Car Repaired

1.  Your car is the sec­ond largest invest­ment you’re likely to make. Pre­serve its value and your safety by hav­ing it repaired professionally.

2.  Never drive a car that could be unsafe because of damages.

3.  Some insur­ance com­pa­nies may want you to visit their drive-in claims cen­ter before hav­ing your car repaired.  You can do this, or you may leave your car at our shop, and ask that the insur­ance com­pany inspect the car here.

4.  There is no law requir­ing you to obtain more than one esti­mate of appraisal.

5.  You have the right to go to the repair shop of your choice.  Your insur­ance com­pany can­not require you to go to a par­tic­u­lar shop.

6.  Dif­fer­ences in repair esti­mates are com­mon.  A lower esti­mate may not include all nec­es­sary work.  If you are not sure why one esti­mate is dif­fer­ent from another you’ve received, please ask us.

7.  Choose a shop that has uni-body repair equip­ment and qualified technicians.

8.  Ask if the shop offers a repair warranty.

9. Let us help you nego­ti­ate your claim with the insur­ance company.

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